Dr. Lance  is a specialist in helping people work through their issues in marriage and family concerns, trauma resolution, personality difficulties, anger and conflict management.  He has built a team of passionate professionals that work together to find the best answer to their client's needs. They include counselors that deal with pre-marriage preparation, gender identity issues, post-abortion care and many other real world situations. 

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Passionate about counseling, the sessions are filled with true stories (names changed due to confidentiality) of what God has done in the lives of others and what God can do for you.

Dr. Lance's team is available for internet-based counseling via ZOOM encrypted video conferencing.                                                            

NOW AVAILABLE: The Personality Profile System Test and Interpretation Special $185      Discover your unique type and how it relates to your relationships, work and personal development. This is a powerful tool for personal growth and spiritual development.

Dr. Lance's team of experts are ready to help you find answers that work  1-877-795-8386

  • Personal Discipleship Counseling                                                                                                                                                                 We have been helping people find solid answers for over 50 years. We have been through our own share of the problems life brings and share from our own struggles' the answers God gives in his Holy Word.

  • At Coventry House we provide a safe and secure place where you can open up and be genuine with your needs. We promise to give you love, acceptance and compassionate understanding so you can be set free from your life challenges.

  • If you struggle with depression, discouragement, and other related difficulties we can help you get to the place where you can defeat these issues by attaining an attitude of determination to win the battle. There is no reason to stay stuck. Call us today.

  • If you want to learn how to do discipleship counseling visit our website and enroll as a student in our internet based school: www.coventryhousesom.com